About the Tea Docents

Nez and Donna Tokugawa are the founders of Chado-En. In 2000 they took their first of several trips to Japan, China and Taiwan. Of course tea is found in many other places around the world but this is where it all began and it is here that their interest was peaked. As “students of tea”, tea cultures and tea lifestyles they have discovered some of the amazing affects each can have on personal wellness. They are committed to remaining a student but also aspire to become a medium through which tea is commemorated, understood as more than a beverage and enjoyed in its multifaceted art forms.

Today working together with their daughter Tai the Tokugawas’ sell premium teas from Asia under the brand name Cha-no-Aji or Shinwa. The Tokugawas’ have visited several of the gardens from which these teas come from, talked with farmers, tea masters and many others in order to learn about the special nuances of each. As they travel they are collecting unique treasures be it tea ware, tea art or simply more tea experience which they love sharing.

Together they have created a “Virtual Retreat” a website designed for personal enrichment through the discovery of various teas, ritual and beliefs. The seemingly simple act of serving and receiving tea with gratitude is the basis for a way of life called Chado or “The Way of Tea”, the spirit of Chado is Wa Kei Sei Jaku or harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. It is their intent to share this life of Chado and for the spirit of Chado to enrich the world!

We are pleased to offer Cha-no-Aji teas along with some of the facts, legends and photos bringing each of us closer to The Way of Tea!

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